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At Costello, Coombes & Brown, LLP, we have seen the painful effects of many automobile accidents. The harm of the physical injuries, the trauma of the car crash itself, resulting lost time from work, and the inability to enjoy life’s pleasures, are some of the consequences of an accident. If you have been hurt in an auto accident in these, or any other ways, you may have a right to be compensated, through money damages, by the other drivers and insurance companies.

The monetary value of the harm suffered because of an auto accident is dependent upon, in part, the degree of responsibility of the parties involved, the resulting injury, and the affect of the injury on the individual. This varies dramatically among individuals and cases. A creative and experienced attorney will help to focus the argument over these variables to his client’s advantage. At our office, that is precisely how we approach our cases. We take pride in offering our clients experienced attorneys, who are committed to pursuing our clients’ rights zealously and holding at-fault drivers responsible, all while delivering sound, practical advice.

In order to win a car accident lawsuit, it is necessary for the plaintiff to prove that the defendant/wrong-doer was at least 50% responsible for the collision. This is done by a proper investigation of the accident as soon as possible after the crash has occurred, through testimony of the parties, statements of witnesses, examination of the accident scene and other factors. One cannot depend solely on a police report, as it may not be complete or accurate. Whether it was a simple rear-end accident, one caused by an intoxicated or drunk driver, or because someone went through a traffic light or a stop sign, or a serious crash on the highway, we will get to the bottom of your case. We will compile the evidence and argue your case to the jury, in order to demonstrate your right to a verdict and damages in your favor.

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