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Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury attorneys help people recover compensation—money damages—for a great variety of injuries. If you were in a car crash, an auto or motorcycle accident, sustained a slip and fall, or trip and fall injury, were hurt by a product like a tool or machine, or experienced medical negligence or medical malpractice, you may have a right to sue for compensation.

Money damages encompass both financial loss and less tangible, emotional loss. The amount of recovery can vary significantly, based on the degree of negligence of the parties involved, their ages, activities and the degree of impairment or disability. Compensation may be allowed for medical bills or expenses, lost time from work, a loss of or a disability of a body part, pain and suffering, and in the worst cases, wrongful death.

At our office, our attorneys offer you experienced and aggressive representation, while providing practical advice. Not every case should go to trial, and we constantly evaluate our client’s changing circumstances to make that decision. Nonetheless, unlike other law firms, our attorneys regularly try our cases, and relish the chance to represent you at trial. We also offer our clients direct attorney contact, as we want you to know who we are, as much as we want to know you, which helps us maximize your recovery. We treat our clients as members of our team; we care about and fight for each one.

Please feel free to call us with any questions about bringing a claim on your behalf. Conversations are confidential, even if you call for a consultation. We do not charge a fee unless we succeed in obtaining a settlement or judgment for you.

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As with most personal injury firms Costello, Coombes & Brown, LLP does
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