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Slip and Fall Accidents

There are a great variety of slip and fall/trip and fall accidents. It could be caused by snow on a stairway or sidewalk, icy pavement, a toe trip hazard on an uneven walkway, an improperly lighted or dark stairwell, or an uneven carpet. Something as simple as a grape, pooling water, or a slippery substance on supermarket tiles can result in serious injuries.

Due to the often temporary nature of the hazards that lead to such accidents, these cases are difficult to prove. However, an attorney who has the litigation experience needed, and who undertakes a thorough and timely investigation, can overcome obstacles in these cases. Our attorneys have that experience, and will fight for you to obtain money damages as compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering. Injuries from accidents such as these can vary from sore muscles, to fractures or broken bones, to paralysis and even death. If you sustain these injuries, or any others, because of a property owner’s negligence, then that owner should be held liable.

The monetary value of the harm suffered because of slip and fall accidents is dependent upon, in part, the degree of responsibility of the parties involved, the resulting injury and the affect of the injury on the individual. This varies dramatically among individuals and cases. A creative and experienced attorney will help to focus the argument over these variables to his client’s advantage. At our office, that is precisely how we approach our cases. We take pride in offering our clients experienced attorneys, who are committed to pursuing our clients’ rights zealously and holding property owners responsible, all while delivering sound, practical advice.

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