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Workplace Negligence

Workplace Negligence Clauses in Greater Hartford

If you or a loved one have suffered from workplace injuries resulting from workplace negligence, you could be liable for compensation.

When are you able to claim workplace negligence?

If you’ve experienced an accident at work, then you might be wondering how you could be compensated. When there is a clear lack of proper conduct and workplace safety due to your employer, you could benefit from working with a personal injury lawyer to claim negligence. Negligence is often claimed in personal injury lawsuits resulting from automobile accidents, slip & fall accidents, and many others. A case is made by showing the defendant (the person you are suing) is at fault for your injuries, with reasons such as improper conduct or carelessness. In the case of workplace negligence, it is negligence that has occurred in your workplace. The carelessness, improper procedure, or lack of ordinary support coming from your employer are the key points here.

What are four necessary elements for proving workplace negligence?

Let’s dig deeper to see what exactly is necessary for proving workplace negligence. With all the important terms attached, here are four elements to take note of.

1. The employer owed the victim a duty of care.

There is an understood “duty of care” on part of the employer. What this means is that they have an obligation to maintain the their employees’ work environment. This includes ensuring the safety of equipment and the premises. In addition to safety, the employer must record workplace injuries, harassment & threats and notify the proper authorities of these events. What is understood to be a safe environment is in compliance with OSHA regulations.

2. The employer failed to uphold the duty of care.

If the employer has not been taking the actions constituting their duty of care, or they take actions that go against it, they have breached the duty. When an employer performs or allows actions that happen to lead to bad results in the future, it is important to decide whether the results were foreseeable. If an employer is allowing employees to operate with machinery that is not being consistently maintained, and an injury occurs, it is a breach of duty. The key point is that an injury is something to be expected in such a scenario. Another example of breach of duty can be the employer hiring unqualified workers who go on to injure his or her co-workers, as a result of improper skill or procedure.

3. The victim was actually injured.

This seems like a little bit obvious. However, it is an important third element to consider. To be clear, the injuries of a victim must be “calculable.” This includes physical injuries such as broken bones, the loss of life, or the total loss of limbs. But, psychological or emotional trauma may also be considered when determining the injury status of a victim.

4. The injury was a result of the employer’s breach.

This last element is a big reason why not all workplace injuries are eligible to be cases for workplace negligence. The employer’s breaches of duty must be connected directly to the injury. It doesn’t matter if machines aren’t maintained, or if unsafe manufacturing processes are in place, if the injury is due to a slip and fall on spilled liquid from an employee’s lunch, there is no case. There has to be causation between how the employer handles spills on the worksite and the accident for there to be a case. With that said, let’s say an employer does not maintain proper safety equipment. If due to that fact an employee is injured, then the breach of duty of care has directly caused an injury. And with all the other four elements in check, there is a case for negligence.

What are the levels of severity for negligence?


Ordinary, Gross and Culpable Negligence

Starting out, there is ordinary negligence. It is what we’ve been talking about so far on this web page. If the negligence is severe and recklessness enough, it is considered gross negligence. As you might expect, it is called “gross” due to a strong negative aspect. Gross negligence includes all of the elements of ordinary negligence, but must also contain a strong element of recklessness and little concern for the safety of others. In some cases where a defendant would be immune from liability to ordinary negligence, a case needs to be made for gross negligence. Taking negligence even further than “gross”, there is culpable negligence. Hopefully, you are never a victim of culpable negligence. It is said to be “negligence of a degree so gross as to be tantamount to a wanton disregard of, or utter indifference to, the safety of human life.” [Smith v. State, 197 Miss. 802 (Miss. 1945)]

How Costello, Coombes, and Brown Can Help You

With over 30 years of combined experience, we provide our Greater Hartford clients with the help they need in order to recover compensation for their injuries. We have great knowledge and experience handling cases involving Connecticut’s workplace negligence laws, and we work extremely hard in order to hold those at fault responsible for their wrongful actions.

Your Workplace Negligence Attorneys

In the Greater Hartford area, we are dedicated law professionals who are willing to help you fight to win your case. Considering our many years of experience within these fields, we have seen a number of victories over the years for those who come to Costello, Coombes, and Brown. You should not hesitate to contact us, since you shouldn’t be fighting alone. Contact us at (860) 903-8726 for consultation towards your claim today.

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At the law office of Costello, Coombes and Brown, LLP, we provide a personal touch in all of our cases. We believe that the more in tune we are with our clients, the better the outcome will be. We are always accessible for our clients in Hartford and the surrounding Connecticut towns. We have litigated for dozens of cases over the past three decades for a variety of personal injury cases.

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At Costello, Coombes and Brown, LLP, we’ve successfully helped numerous individuals who have suffered injuries at the fault of another parties’ negligence. When you’ve experienced an accident on the job, it’s best to trust a personal injury attorney or more specifically, a workers’ compensation attorney in Hartford.

Navigating through a Workers’ Compensation case is not easy. Both, Kevin W. Coombes and Frank V. Costello, are board certified Workers’ Compensation specialists who can walk you through the entire process, helping you make your claim all the way until the completion of the case. We will aggressively negotiate for our Hartford clients to receive the full and fair compensation that they are entitled to. 

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Applying for Hartford Social Security Disability benefits can be lengthy and complicated. Due to the nature of the claim you wish to process, it’s best to find an advocate who has your best interests in mind. The Hartford Social Security Disability lawyers at Costello, Coombes, and Brown, can do just that! We’ll carefully and precisely walk you through the entire process, helping you not only understand what needs to be completed but increasing your chances of receiving benefits. By receiving expert legal advice from our attorneys, we’ll help you stay away from additional reviews or appeals for your case.

If you are suffering from a physical or mental illness that is preventing you from working, you may be entitled to Social Security disability benefits. Reach out to one of our personal injury lawyers who specialize in Social Security Disability to receive the assistance you deserve.

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When you find yourself in a difficult situation, whether from an injury on the job or a disability hindering you from working, you can find solace in a professional, experienced personal injury lawyer at Costello, Coombes and Brown, LLP.

We are passionate about helping our Hartford clients receive the compensation they deserve, and our history proves it. We have experience in hundreds of Workers’ Compensation claims and Social Security Disability claims, working until the very end to receive the most beneficial outcome. To get started, call us at 860-560-0468 or fill out our contact form.

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